Angel City Lacrosse Club


To accommodate young athletes through personal maturation with concepts of discipline, dedication, and perseverance. Despite each young man or woman retaining a journey that’s unique to them, it is the company’s ambition for a congruent example of how to strive and focus for progress rather than perfection.


To inspire and ignite personal desire through the core beliefs of our dedicated staff. We hope to ease the discomfort of those new to the great sport of lacrosse, and continue to grow the game within young athletes here in California for years to come.


  • Discipline
  • Dedication
  • Perseverance

How We Started

Forming Confident, Ambitious, Faith-Filled Leaders

Angel City Lacrosse was established in 2014 to serve the student athletes at Servite High School that had the desire to compete and improve their lacrosse game year-round. 

Led by Head Coach, Tom O’Leary,  Angel City Lacrosse has extended its reach from an elite off-season lacrosse program to a year-round lacrosse club serving the greater Southern California community.

With programs ranging from free community youth clinics to elite individual training, Angel City’s team of experienced coaches are here to serve the parents and families of students ranging from first-timers to experienced club and high school athletes.

Angelcitylax Logo

Our Logo:
The Knotted Palm

The palm tree symbolizes not only our origin of being in California, but that of Triumph and Victory.

The roots of this tree are sprouted from the celtic Brothers of the Arrow knot. This knot represents the bonding of men as brothers, by either blood in relationship, battle, or unity to succeed in life.

Combined, the logo represents everything we want young athletes to retain from our staff and group trainings; An individual’s sense of growth and triumph through a community of support and solidarity.